We offer Business to Business (B2B) on all our products and services. As an affiliate, you stand a chance of getting all our products and services on your website while your commission is setup on the go.

 How to register and earn commission

You will be sent a KYC (Know Your Customer) form for affiliate registration after which you will receive an email including instructions on how to access the website to make reservations that will accrue commissions.

 All commissions will be calculated by 'sales date' (i.e. sales on your affiliate records.) and the total commission will be paid monthly into your registered account based on the commission earned from airlines. 

These are starting commission levels. You can earn more by qualifying to be our preferred partner when you meet your target and we get more commissions from airline partners!

Contact us to find out more about our fabulous incentive plan.

Telephone:07044987104 or 07044987109

If you are a registered user, Please click on the link user sign-in to access your B2B page.